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Brand Insigne Address 4570 Cummings Cove Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37419
English name Insigne Design Website Insigne
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    7 professional fonts for designers

    There's no shortage of paid-for and free fonts available for desi

  • Type Through the Eras is Back!
    Type Through the Eras is Back!

    We're excited to kick off our second annual Type Through the Eras

  • 2007年度MyFonts十佳字体名单出炉

    新年的第一个月如过没有十佳名单会怎么样呢?很简单:就是没有名单。所以, 我们很高兴用我们传统的选出最佳字体来庆祝新年。为了公平起见,我们让字体使用者们来决定谁是今年字体中佼佼者。我们根据销售数据中选出了我们的决赛名单,然后从中选出十类最受欢迎的字体。

  • 美到令人窒息! 10款你绝没见过字体秀
    美到令人窒息! 10款你绝没见过字体秀


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Insigne Introduction
“Type is very much like music,” says Jeremy Dooley. “It is linear, and the notes or phrases have to fit the theme or song.” Jeremy, owner of the one-man foundry, insigne, is a self-taught type designer and a true self-made success story.His label is home to over a hundred font families, many of which have seen great success. Aviano has made our Best of the Year list not just once, but... [More]