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About us

FontKe.com is one of the earliest and most influential font sharing websites in China. Through years of development, it has become the most popular font sharing and download platform for type designers, printing practitioners, front-end engineers, programmers, calligraphers and language enthusiasts. User groups are from more than 160 countries and regions. FontKe.com currently has the largest font resources. Through humanized category filters, advanced search technology and top-notch font identification technology, users can easily find the needed font. Our goal is to build largest font sharing and download website in the world and become the most influential internet font integrated service provider.

1.Development process

In June 23, 2009, FontKe.com (www.fontke.com) V1.0 went live.

In October 14, 2015, FontKe.com (www.fontke.com) V2.0 went live, with more new features and improved user experience.

In November 5, 2015, Users can use QQ or Weibo account to sign in.

In November 11, 2015, LikeFont for Web V1.0.0 went live. LikeFont is a font identification platform. By adopting advanced image recognition algorithm, it can identify almost every language such as English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean under Unicode 10.0.0 Standard. It also provides multiple methods for image upload to improve user experience.

In February 1, 2016, FontKe.com provided PayPal payment method.

In February 23, 2016, FontKe.com provided Alipay and Tenpay payment method.

In May 16, 2016, FontKe.com's Alexa global ranking entered 100,000 for the first time, global ranking 99,974.

In April 23, 2016, LikeFont.com (www.likefont.com) officially went live

In May 18, 2016, FontKe.com fully supported Unicode 10.0.0 Standard.

In May 20, 2016, "Tool" channel of FontKe.com officially went live.

In May 23, 2016, LikeFont for Windows V1.0.0 was released. LikeFont Windows version is the first software in the world that supports both online and local font identification. By adopting advanced recognition algorithm and similarity algorithm and providing image pre-processing function and multiple image-uploading methods, LikeFont is able to make it easier to identify and find the required font.

In June 15, 2016, English version of FontKe.com officially went live. The release of English version of FontKe.com marked that the Chinese font website started its extension to the world. It was also the milestone of development of Chinese font website and a new start to build an innovative and open font-sharing website in the world.

In July 18, 2016, FontKe.com passed the Public Security Bureau’s network security license review and got a new license record number: 闽公网安备35010202000240号.

In July 20, 2016, users can use Facebook account to sign in our website.

In July 22, 2016, HTTPS protocol was supported on FontKe.com which was the first Chinese font-related website to support the HTTPS protocol.

In July 29, 2016, the FontKe.com Color Management Tools were available, including RGB Color Query, CMYK Color Query, RGB Schemes, RGB Picker and other online tools.

In August 1, 2016, FontKe.com opened the official online store on Taobao.com.

In August 1, 2016, FontKe.com Pantone Query and RAL Query and other online tools were available.

In August 5, 2016, FontKe.com Font Format Converter, Font Subset Generator and Image to ASCII and other online tools were available.

In August 6, 2016, FontKe.com VIP and SVIP members were able to upgrade their accounts.

In August 7, 2016, FontKe.com added a new CDN server in Japan.

In August 8, 2016, the FontKe.com Wechat public account was in the trial run.

In August 9, 2016, Image Compressor became available.

In August 11, 2016, the affiliated website FontURL.com went online.

In August 23, 2016, the FontKe.com Font Unit Converter and Local Font Browser became available.

In August 16, 2016, the FontKe.com RGB/CMYK Image Converter became available.

In August 17, 2016, the FontKe.com @font-face Generator is now available.

In August 18, 2016, Gift Cards are available on FontKe.com from now on.

In August 25, 2016, the FontKe.com Font Merger is now available.

In August 26, 2016, the FontKe.com PDF Font Extractor is now available.

In August 28, 2016, Upload Fonts are available on FontKe.com from now on.

In September 1, 2016, the FontKe.com Printing Quote Caculator is now available.

In September 6, 2016, the FontKe.com Ream Weight Caculator, Book Size Caculator and Book Sheet Caculator is now available.

In September 7, 2016, the FontKe.com Book Package Helper is now available.

In September 9, 2016, the FontKe.com Preprinting Checker is now available.

In October 28, 2016, FontKe.com for Phone Officially Launched.

In November 7, 2016, Users can use Alipay account to sign in.

In November 11, 2016, LikeFont.com for Phone officially launched.

In November 14,2016, Three functions, Error Correction, Report and Feedback, have officially launched on FontKe.com.

In November 19,2016, Users can use WeChat account to sign in.

In November 19,2016, Sign-in Bonus Zicoins has officially launched on FontKe.com.

In November 28, 2016, FontKe Updates Its Wechat Official Account V2.0.

In December 8, 2016, FontKe Officially Launched Zcode.

In December 10, 2016, FontKe Officially Support Wechat Pay.

In March 1, 2017, New Menu of "Tool Record" Launched on FontKe.com.

May 29, 2017, FontKe.com's Alexa global ranking entered 50,000 for the first time, global ranking 46,735.

In June 21, 2017, LikeFont.com V3.0 officially launched.

May 24, 2019, FontKe.com's Alexa global ranking entered 10,000 for the first time, global ranking 9,995.


FontKe.com is a font platform where users can discover typefaces around the world, or upload your own designs and share them with other users. You can like your favorite fonts, comment on them and follow designers and foundries. Font designers could benefit financially from sharing designs. 

1) Providing several classification filters and search tools.

FontKe.com is the first of its kind to provide ample search filters. There are 12 available filter: first letter, language, font type, font style, filename extension, authorization of the font, embed authorization,source type, character set, block, word weight, word width, number of glyph, number of characters and operating system. Meanwhile, FontKe.com is the first font website where supports multi-languages font search engine using our unique search technique which allows our users to find the font they need when the fonts may have different names based on its platform, code and language. What’s more, we also provide a solution for unreadable codes which contains a CCSID smart conversion program which can efficiently convert the name of font to a readable one.

For example, there are two names of the font "花園明朝B" on Windows OS. One is the English "HanaMinB" and the other one is Japanese "花園明朝B". If a user should want to find this font, there are three options for him on FontKe.com. The first one is “Site Search” which will quickly present the results for keywords based on full-text search technique and multi-keywords smart matching technique. And the keywords could be the full name of fonts, font family, font style, uniform font logo, font version number, PostScript name, PostScript CID. The second one is “Filters” using which our users only need select the first letter of the name, the language and the font style or the other helpful information to narrow down the search range. The third one is “Character Set” which allows our users to look up one of the Unicode blocks or characters and find out all the fonts that have this block or character.

2) Top-notch font recognition technique

FontKe.com independently developed the LikeFont for Web which it the leading font identification platform that can identify fonts from pictures. Other font websites can only identify some of the English fonts and not other language fonts at all. But with unique image recognition algorithm and innovative similarity algorithm that allow FontKe.com support not only English, but also Chinese, Japanese, Korean and all the languages in the world under the Unicode 10.0.0 standard. With the plenty of fonts collected by FontKe.com, our recognition rate is the top level of the world. 

For example, if our users want to know what kind of advertisement font it is, he could take a picture with his smart phone, or screen shot the ad. Then upload from local or type the site URL. After he types the words, our Smart Recognition Technique will quickly present the name and style of the font with the link to free download (Free authorized) or purchase (commercial authorized). It is a very convenient tool for our users. 

3) More income for type designers

Type designing is a job requires patience. Nowadays, lots of young people are so eager for success that they often find this industry under-paid and boring. Even the talented ones are changing their jobs. To support the long-term development of type industry, we provide the “Cash Zicoin” function for verified type designers and foundries which allows designers and foundries to gain more income through cashing the Zicoin. And, the font is not authorized so it will not affect the interest of commercial authorization.

For example, some of our users want to try the new type of font. If the font requires 500 Zicoins for the user to download, then the designer or foundries who upload this font will get 350 Zicoins. When the amount reaches 10000Zicoin, designers or foundries could cash the Zicoin at the exchange rate (100 Zicoins = 1 RMB).


In October 15, 2015, FontKe.com won the Third Prize in the Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Fujian division).

In November 11, 2015, FontKe.com was selected as the only Fujian cultural and Creative company competing the National Final in the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and win the nomination award for the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Cultural and Creative).

In December 22, 2015, FontKe.com was supported by the Science and Technology Department of Fujian province (project number: 2016C0004).

4. Related Reports

Report on announcement of the award list of the 4th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Fujian division) and the 3rd Fujian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.

Report on the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology announcing its plan and fund to 2016 Fujian Technology Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Innovation Fund Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Program(The first group).

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