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Fontke.com>User Service Agreement

User Service Agreement

Welcome to sign the "User Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") and to use our platform services.

The title of each clause is only for the purpose of helping you understand the purpose of the clause, without affecting or limiting the meaning or interpretation of the terms of this Agreement. In order to protect your own rights and interests, it is recommended that you carefully read the terms and conditions of the specific expression.

You should read this Agreement carefully before you continuing the process of registration. You must read carefully and fully understand the terms of the articles, especially the terms of the exemption or limitation of liability, the applicable laws and the dispute resolution clause. The exclusion or limitation of liability provisions will be in bold and underlined so that you could be more focus on these contents. If you have any questions about this agreement, you can contact our customer service for consulting.

When you fill in required information on the registration page, check the “Read and Agree on this Agreement” box and complete all the registration procedures, it means that you fully understand and accept all the contents of this Agreement, and agree to become our platform "user". While reading this Agreement, if you are not agree with this Agreement or any terms of this Agreement, you shall immediately stop the registration procedures.

If you do not apply to become a “user” of our platform or have already become a “user”of our platform before this Agreement go into effect, it will be seen as you agree on all the contents of this agreement once you visit or use our platform websites, or you shall not visit or use our platform websites.

1. Definition

The term “our platform” refers to websites including but not limited to FontKe (www.fontke.com) and LikeFont (www.likefont.com) and related clients.

The term “our party” refers to our company or general term.

The term “our platform services” refers to all kinds of services our party provide on the internet platform which are including but not limited to our websites, clients and more.

The term “our platform rules” refers to all rules, interpretations and announcements published on our websites and all kinds of rules, enforcement regulations, Description of Products and announcements released on all platforms including but not limited to channels, activity pages and help center. 

2. Extent of Agreement

2.1 Agreement Subject

This is an Agreement between you and our party. This Agreement has Agreement effectiveness upon both you and our party.

The term “our party” refers to all legal subjects who run our platform and according to this, you may confirm our subject who will perform this Agreement with you. Under this Agreement, the subject of our party may change based on the business adjustments on our platform. After the change of subject, the current subject will perform this Agreement with you and the change of subject will not affect your rights and interests under this Agreement. There might be more subjects of our party as our party might provide more platform services. If you use our newly provided platform services, it will be seen as you agree on performing the Agreement with the new subjects of our party. When dispute occurs, you may confirm the subject based on the particularly services you use and the specific action that damage your rights and interests.

2.2 Supplementary Agreement

With the high-speed development of internet industry, this Agreement can not contain or cover all the rights and obligations upon you and our party. The current agreement may not meet the needs of future development. Therefore, all the related announcements and policies released on our platforms and all the platform rules and agreements will be the integral part of this Agreement and share undivided equally legal effectiveness with this Agreement. If you use our platform services, it will be seen as you agree with supplementary agreements.

3. Account Registration and Usage

3.1 User Qualification

You confirm that before you start using or registering an account to use our platform services, you have the capacity of civil conduct in accordance with the laws and regulation of People’s Republic of China. If you do not have that capacity of civil conduct, you and your guardian shall be responsible for all the consequences in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Especially, if you are under 18 years old, please visit our platform websites with the permission and guidance of your guardian.  

3.2 About Account

You will have an account and become a user on our platform after you fill in the required information on the registration page, read and agree on this Agreement and complete all the registration procedures.

You have right to set up or confirm your account name, e-mail address, phone number (hereinafter referred to as “account name”) and log in our platform with your password(the term “Account” refers to the “account name” and “password” )

Since the account contains users information, you could only transfer the possession of your account to others unless in accordance with laws and regulations, judicial verdict and agreement of our party under the circumstances that our platform rules allow the transfer of accounts. Once the account transferred, the rights and obligation transferred with it. Otherwise, you can not transfer your account in any forms and you shall take full responsibility to all consequences caused by your transfer.

To serve you better, it is highly recommended that you verify your identity in accordance with our requires and relevant laws and regulations.

If you do not log in with your account for a long time, our party has the right to cancel your account or dispose it and you will not be able to log in any of our platforms and the services our party provides will be terminated. Before our party disposes this kind of accounts, our party will inform you by varies of forms including but not limited to website announcements, station message and clients message. 

3.3 Registration Information Management

3.3.1 True and Legal Information

While you enjoy our platform services, you shall provide full and accurate information of yours according to the hints on the platform pages (including but not limited to: your name, e-mail address, phone number, physical address and so on). This is to contact with you when it is necessary. You learned and agree that you are obligated to keep the authenticity and effectiveness of the information that you provide.

The account name you set up should not disobey relevant national laws and regulations or our platform rules concerns account name. Otherwise our party will temporarily close your account or cancel it and our party will report to the competent authorities. 

You understand and promise that there will not be any illegal and harmful information on your registration information including but not limited to: your account name, your profile picture and your introduction; and you do not falsely use or link to organizations or social celebrities; and you shall obey seven ground rules: the laws and regulations, socialism system, national interests, citizen’s legal rights, public orders, social moral standards and authenticity of information. 

You agree and authorize that our party can access to the information of your cell phone number, identity number that you provided and bring it to reliable institutions such as the National Citizen Identity Number Query Service Center, telecom operators, finance services to check the user identity authenticity, the user credit registries, effectiveness of user's phone number and more.

3.3.2 Updated Information

You should update your information in time. our party will legally check information you provide when there are laws require us to do so. You shall comply with the rules and provide us the newest, true and full information.

If our party can not reach you with the latest information you provide, you do not provide information in time or you provide the wrong information, you will fully be responsible for all the  losses and consequences caused to yourself, others and our party. 

3.4 Safety Regulation of Account

Account will be set up and kept all by yourself. It is highly recommended that account should be taken good care of and that right steps should be surely followed when you log out of our platform every time.

If the account information was leaked by yourself then you shall take full responsibility for all the loss and consequences if the account was attacked by others or the action of fraud occurred.

Your account can only be used by yourself and will not be lent to or shared with others. You should inform our platform immediately when others use your account without authorization otherwise any unauthorized actions will be seen as your own actions and you will take full responsibility for all the loss and consequences.

Other than our false, you should take responsibility for all the results of behaviors (including but not limited to: signing all kinds of agreements online, publishing information, purchasing products and services and leaking information ).

It is highly suggested that you shall inform our party immediately when you find an unauthorized log-in to our platform with your account or other actions that might cause your account being robbed or lost. You understand that it takes reasonable time for us to take any action responding to your any requests and our party do not take any responsibility before our party take actions unless it is partially our fault. 

4. Our Platform Services and Specifications

4.1 Our Platform Services

Our platform will provide the following services including but not limited to:

1. websites directly owned or operated by our party such as: FontKe (FontKe.com) and LikeFont (LikeFont.com);

2. Clients of websites directly owned or operated by our party including but not limited to clients runs on PC, Pad, Phone,TV and STB;

3.Pay-per-use VIP and SVIP services on FontKe.com(hereinafter referred to as “Membership services”) ;

4. Search Services on FontKe.com (hereinafter referred to as “Search Services”);

5.Other technology and/or services our party provide on our platforms (hereinafter referred to as “Other technology and services”).

(Hereinafter all the services above referred to as “Our platform services”).

Our platform services can only be used on our platforms. Any illegal actions to malicious heck or crack down and perform our services outside of our platforms are not our platform services in this Agreement. All legal consequences because of this action will be borne to anyone who performed these actions and his legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the laws.

The only legal methods of download, registration, log-in and usage of our services are the methods our party officially published on our platforms. It is illegal to possess our platform services (including but not limited to: account, integral, empirical value, integral products, exchanged products, gifts and download) through other any channels, methods or ways. Our party do not admit any illegal actions and our party reserves the right to delete, cancel, reset,close the account and so on once any illegal actions are spotted. And all the consequences shall be borne to you.

Our party reserves the right to make announcements (including but not limited to: pop-up windows, website announcements, station messages and more) to modify, replace, upgrade any software related to our platform services. If the modification, replacement and upgrading of our platform services are not accepted to you, you shall refuse, stop, and cancel the services otherwise it will be seen as you accepted the modification, replacement and upgrading and it will still be bound by this Agreement. 

It is understood and confirmed that you have right to use all the online ramifications (including but not limited to: usage records, subscribe, favorite, integral, empirical value, growth value, identify label, gift coupons, virtual integral products, virtual empirical value, virtual gift and download) with your account on our platform but you do not possess the ownership of any of these ramifications unless our party announces otherwise on our platform. It is permitted that you can use all the ramifications on our platforms according to our platform rules. Our party shall not assume any liability to pay compensation to any above-mentioned ramifications. 

You agree and promise that our platform services and their ramifications (including but not limited to: account, integral, membership level, integral products, activity gifts and download services) will not be resold, given-away, exchanged, mortgaged to benefit you illegally in financial way. You shall not invade others legal rights and interests using our platform services or theirs ramifications. It is forbidden to illegally steal and use others account, integral, integral products and more through network vulnerability and malware or other illegal methods.

You understand and confirm that if you pay or recharge your account on our platform via a third party payment tool, there could be any commercial risks (including but not limited to: criminals use your account or bank account or other valued cards to perform any illegal actions). There could be relevant economic damages to you and our party shall not be responsible for any above-mentioned risks if our party have perform fully obligations under this Agreement and in accordance with laws and regulations.

4.2 Service Specifications

You reserve the rights to upload, publish or transfer relevant contents (including but not limited to information such as words, computer word stocks, software, figures, photographs, sounds, music, videos, sound videos, links and other information, herein after referred to as “contents”). You shall be relevant and legally responsible for these contents.

Unless there are otherwise proves, you will be seen as the copyright ownership of any contents you have uploaded, published or transferred. Once you uploaded, published or transferred contents via our platform services, it means you have the right and you agree to grant our party the worldwide, permanent, irrevocable right for free to store, use, release, copy, modify, recompose, publish, translate, and publish, perform and present spin-off works based on your contents; to edit all of or some of the contents you published into other any forms of works, media or techniques; to develop commercially contents you uploaded or published; to provide information download, data transport, mobile video services (including but not limited to: wireless services such as SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR, Streaming, 3G, phone videos) to your computer terminals, mobile communication terminals (including but not limited to: portable communication equipment such as mobile phone, Pad and more) and TV receiving equipment (analog signal receiving devices, digital signal receiving device, digital television, IPTV, playing devices with internet access); to perform related services such as advertisement and promotion; and to re-authorize all above-mentioned rights to other third parties.   

For your convenient usage of our party’s services and our affiliated company’s other related services, rights are authorized by you to our party to send information that you have provided and generated during the process of your registration and usage of our platform services to our affiliated company and other related service providers or to gain your information that you have provided and generated during the process of your registration and usage of our affiliated platform services and other related service provider’s services.

You understand and acknowledge that the sources of contents and information on our platform are worldwide therefore our party do not take any responsibilities to the accuracy, authenticity, usability, security, completeness, and legitimacy of any contents and information on our platform. You understand and confirm that there are chances that you might contact with inaccuracy, unpleasant,inappropriate or disgusting contents and information, and you will not assume our relevant responsibility for it. Our party do not support, recommend or express opinions about any contents and information uploaded, published or transferred on our platform by other users and our party do not take any responsibilities for any false, mistakes of any contents and information and any damages or losses caused by it. You are fully responsible to use any contents and information.  

You agree that any forms of commercial advertisements or any kinds of commercial information (including but not limited to: placing advertisements on any spot on our platforms and on contents you uploaded and published) will be placed during our party providing services.

You agree that during the use of our platform services, you will obey the following laws and regulations: The People's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets Law, The Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, The Computer Information System Safety Protection Regulations of the People's Republic of China, Regulations for the Protection of Computer Software, Internet Electronic Bulletin Service Management Regulations, Regulation on the Protection of the Right to Network Dissemination of Information and other relevant laws and regulations concerning to computer and internet. Services will be terminated without advanced notice once our party fairly assume your actions might have broke above-mentioned laws and regulations.

4.3 Forbidden Contents

You understand and promise that any contents (including your account name or other account information) you upload, publish or transfer do not contain the following contents:

1.against the fundamental principles established in the Constitution of People’s Republic of China;

2.threatening the unit of nation, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

3. leaking national secrets, endangering national security or damaging the nation's honor and interests;

4. inciting ethnic hates, ethnic discrimination, sabotaging the union of ethnics or damaging ethnic customs and habits;

5. propagating cults and superstition;

6. disturbing social orders and undermining social stability;

7. inducing juveniles breaking the laws and doing crimes or celebrating violence, erotic, gambling, terrorism;

8. insulting or defaming others and invading others legal rights and interests such as citizens' personal privacy. 

9. endangering social ethics and damaging good traditional ethnic cultures.

10. other contents forbidden by relevant laws, regulations and national rules.

All consequences because of law-breaking information or contents you upload, publish or transfer or of invading legal rights and interests of any third party, will be borne to you. Any consequences you caused to our party shall be held responsible for and all of our losses shall be compensated by you. The losses are including but not limited to: property damages ,reputation damage, counsel fee, car fare and any other reasonable fee caused because of lawsuits against you.

4.4 Forbidden Actions

You understand and promise do not act the following actions while using our platform services or allow anyone to act the following actions using your account:

1) impersonating other people or lying about your relationship with anyone or entity (including setting up wrong account name or connected to other users account) during the process of registration or using our platform services;

2) forging title or manipulate contents in other ways to mislead others to assume that contents were transferred by us;

3) uploading, publishing, e-mail-sending or other methods to transfer unauthorized contents (such as internal data, classified information) ;

4) sending any uninvited or unauthorized spam mails, advertisements or publicity information or any other commercial correspondences; 

5) using our platform services for any commercial purpose or interests of third party without our specific permission;

6) tracking or harassing others in other ways;

7) anticipating any illegal or possible illegal (judged by our party) activities or trades including teaching methods of committing crime, selling any illegal drugs, money laundry, fraud and so on;

8) gambling, providing gamble data or seducing others to gamble in any ways;

9) using or utilizing our intellectual property (including our brand, trademark, signs, any other proprietary data or layouts and designs of any our web pages), or invading our any intellectual property (including trying to reverse engineer our platform clients or software) in any methods;

10) heck in our platform services, collecting or processing contents our platform services provides through any automatic programs, software, engineer, our web spider, site content analyzer, data mining tools or similar tools;

11) anticipating any “framework”, “mirror” or other techniques to imitate layouts and functions of our platform services.

12) interfering or trying to interfere any other users or any service providers access to our platform;

13) deliberately spreading computer virus, network worms, Trojan Horses virus, damaged files or other malicious codes or projects;

14) sharing or publishing others personal information that can be used to identify a certain person without specific permission of others;

15) studying or testing whether our platform services, system or other users’ system could be easily attacked, or evading (or trying to evade) any security functions of our platform services, system or other users’ system in other ways;

16) the action of decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer towards to our platform services or trying to do above-mentioned actions;

17) registering many accounts or deliberately uploading repeating, invalid, large capacity data and information for the purpose of damage or abuse;

18) intentionally or unintentionally breaking any relevant Chinese laws, regulations, rules, and other standards with a legal effectiveness.

5. Privacy Policy

User personal information (identification information that can independently or combined with other information to identify user identity) is highly valued. You agree us to collect, store, use, publish and protect your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy on our platforms when you use our platform services. In the privacy policy, our party want to introduce the way our party handle your personal information clearly, therefore it is highly recommended that you read our privacy policy thoroughly to help you protect your privacy better. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact with us. The contact methods are published on our platforms. If you do not agree with any contents in this privacy policy, you shall stop using our platform services immediately. It will be seen as you agree with this privacy policy and that our party can legally use and protect your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy once you use one of our platform services.

5.1 Application

This privacy policy applies to all of our platform services and using our platform services on our websites or logging in relevant clients.

Especially, this privacy policy do not apply to services provided by third party. For instance, when a third party provides services on our platform, your personal information provided to third party do not apply to this privacy policy. Our party do not take any responsibility to any third party using your information.

Standards of Framework to protect User Information in China's Internet Targeting Advertisement published by China Advertising Association Interactive Network branch will be followed. Your personal information will be properly dealt or used based on principles of validity, rationality and honesty.

5.2 Information Collection

To provide more superior and more personal better services, here are the methods our party use to collect your information:

1)Information you provide to us

Information you fill in or upload when you registered your account and use our platform services, including your name, gender, date of birth, ID number, phone number, e-mail address, physical address, interests, payment accounts and other relevant information (such as your location, zip code and etc.).

Information stored when you use our platform services.

2)Information collected during you using our services

To provide and optimize services our party provides to you, our party will collect relevant information about you using our services. This kind of information includes:

Information (including but not limited to: your IP address, type of browser, language, date and time you visited, features information of software and hardware and required website page records) on your browsers and computers will be automatic received and recorded when you use our platform services or visit our platform websites. Relevant information of your location and mobile device (including but not limited to: equipment model, device ID, operating system, resolution ratio, telecom operators and so on) will be read when you download or use our client software of our party or our affiliated company, or use our platform services visiting our websites using mobile devices.

Contents such as date, time or location of shared pictures or videos that you uploaded through our servers.

Besides above-mentioned information, other information including relevant information you provide when you contact with our service team, your reply to our survey and relevant information collected when you interacted with our related party, our cooperation party for the purpose of providing services and improve the quality of our services. At the mean time, some of your internet using habits, information of software that you often use might be collected to judge the potential risks of your account to improve the security level of our platform services and accurately protect users from phishing websites and Trojan Horse virus. And some URL that is being considered dangerous by us might be as well recorded.

3)Information from Third Party

Your personal information will be shared with our party for the purpose of providing more superior and customized better services or providing you services with our party, or protecting you from internet fraud in accordance with laws or agreements or your permission. 

You understand and permit that the following information do not apply to this privacy policy:

a) keywords you type when you are using our search services;

b)breaking laws and regulations or actions violating our platform rules and arrangements that our party has done to you;

c) personal information required by laws and regulations;

d) under emergency for protecting interests of users and public.

5.3Information Usage

For the purpose of providing services to you and improving the quality of our services, our party will collect your information. To achieve this propose, our party will use your information to:

1) provide all kinds of services and design, maintain and improve these services;

2) recommend contents (including but not limited to: information about products and services, or third party targeting advertisements promoted via system, or information about products and services provided by our cooperative partners with your permission ) that you might be interested in;

3) provide you more relevant advertisements instead of generally promoted advertisements;

4) protect the rights and interests of you, our other users or us or our partners by using your personal information to prevent, discover, investigate actions concerning fraud, danger, illegal or breach of this Agreement, laws and regulations or rules signed with our party or our partners;

5) provide more customized services such as introducing you to more general social circles by combining personal information from one service with other services and use, share or publish them;

6) conduct survey about our products and services or promote and raffle activity;

7) do other things with your permission.

5.4Information Sharing

our party shall take responsibility to protect your information without selling or renting any of your information and our party will only share with third party under the following situation;

1) with your permission or authorization;

2) according to laws and regulations or required by administrations or legal authorities;

3) sharing your personal information with our affiliated party;

4) sharing your personal information with cooperation partners who our party trusts and asks them to deal with this information following our privacy policy and other corresponding confidentiality and security measures;

5) sharing with defendant answering to his request when you are a qualified IP complainer to help you two party to solve potential IP dispute.

6) only by sharing your information to provide services you need or deal with your dispute or argument with others. For example, you are about to complete a trade on our platform and if any of the two parties fulfill or partially fulfill the obligation of trading and requires sharing information, our party will provide the necessary information such as contact information of other party to contribute to the completion of transaction or the dispute resolution.

7) if you break any Chinese laws and regulations or our Agreements or relevant rules, it is required to share with third party.

8) to protect the legal rights and interests of our party, our affiliated company or our users.

5.5 Cookie Usage

Small data files might be collected to provide you easier access experience when you visit our platform website or use our platform services such as helping you to log in without typing your registration information or judging the security situation of your account. These data files could be Cookie, FlashCookie, or other local storage provided by your browsers or affiliated applications (hereinafter referred to as “Cookie”).

You understand that certain services can only be achieved via “Cookie”. If your browser or additional services of browser allows, you could modify the Agreement of Cookie or refuse our cookie. But this action could affect the security of your access to our platform and usage of our platform services under some circumstance. 

5.6 Information Storage

Your information and data our party collect will store at the servers of our party or our affiliated company which might send to your country, region or our location and to be viewed, stored and presented.

5.7 Protection of Your Personal Information

All kinds of physics, electronic and management security measures (including but not limited to: SSL, information encrypted storage, access control to data center) will be taken to protect your information from leaking, destroying or losing. Strictly management on employees or outsource employees who can access to your information (including but not limited to: different access control based on their job, signing confidentiality agreement with them, monitoring their operation situation and so on) will be taken. Your information will be protected by corresponding security measures.

Safeguard function is in every account so please properly restore your account and password information. Your information will be copied and your password will be encrypted and sent to other servers to protect them from losing, abusing and changing. Despite all the security measures, you understand there is no “totally safe security measure”on the internet.

Your personal information such as bank account information, contact information or zip code is inevitably provided to the trading counterpart or potential trading counterpart when you try to trade with others on our platform. Please properly restore your personal information and do not provide it to others unless it is necessary. If you find that your information is leaked, especial your account and password, you shall contact with our service team immediately so that our party can take corresponding measures.

5.8 Protection of Juvenile

Personal information of juvenile will not be collected on purpose. Juvenile shall not register account or send their information of name, address, phone number, e-mail address to us unless with the permission of local laws or their guardian. If information of juvenile has been collected unintentionally, our party will delete immediately after being informed. If you think our party illegally possess any information from or about juvenile, please contact with us.

6.Third Party Links

There might be links to other websites or resources on our platform services. Since our party do not have access or right to control, exam or modify the contents, privacy policy and activities on above-mentioned websites or resources, our party do not take any responsibility. It is highly recommended that you shall read the Terms of Services and the Privacy Policy on the other websites or resources before you leave our platform.

7.Intellectual Property Rights

Other than otherwise agreement or our otherwise statement, all of the intellectual property rights of all contents (other than contents that our users reserved by relevant laws), technology, software, program, data and other information (including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secrets and more) and other relevant rights reserved by our party or our affiliated company. Without our permission, there shall not be any violation (including but not limited to: copying, spreading, presenting, mirroring, uploading, downloading, modification and rental).

Without our written authorization, all of our platform logos, words, glyph and the combinations of “字客网”, “字客”, “FontKe”, “识字体”, “LikeFont” and our other trademarks, labels, names of products and services are trademarks in China or in other countries reserved by our party or our affiliated company and shall not be presented, used or dealt with in any other ways and declaration shall not be made that you have the right to present, use or deal with them. 

All the full intellectual property rights of our proprietary contents, original contents and other exclusive owned or exclusive produced contents from other authorization are reserved by our party and any violations to our IP rights such as reprint, spread or provide watching services or other violation actions by any entity and individuals will be held legally responsible for .


8.Default and Arrangements 

8.1 Identification of Breach

It will be seen as you breach the Agreement if the following situation occurs:

1.breaching relevant laws and regulations while using our platform services;

2.breaching this Agreement or supplementary Agreement (that is the article 2.2 of this Agreement)

To adapting the development of the internet industry and fulfill the needs of efficient and good services that vast amounts of users require, the identification procedures and standards to identify actions of breach can be appointed by our party in this Agreement. For instance, our party can identify your action of breach based on the relation between your user data and vast amounts of other users data; you are obligated to provide sufficient proofs and give reasonable explanation about the abnormal situation of your data, otherwise it will be seen as breach of this Agreement. 

8.2 Arrangement to Breach of Agreement

If contents and information that you published on our platform breach the Agreement, our party will take measurements like deleting and screening, the information or your account would be temporarily closed, totally closed, canceled and more.

If the action of breach occurs on our platform or affects our platform and other users even if not on our platform, your account will be limited to activities and partial or all of services our party provides will be terminated. If your action is fundamental breach of this Agreement, your account will be totally closed and all of the services will be terminated. If your action on our platform is breach of relevant laws and regulations, your usage records and other information will be reported and delivered to relevant competent authorities.

8.3 Liability for Damage

If your action causes losses (including but not limited to: direct economic losses, loss of goodwill and indirect economic losses such as compensation to others, settlement payment, counsel fee, legal cost and so on ) of our party and/or our affiliated company, compensation for all above-mentioned losses shall be paid to our party and/or our affiliated company. 

If your actions caused our party and/or our affiliated company being claimed by third party, compensation shall be paid to our party and/or our affiliated company after we fulfill obligations such as financial payment to third party.

8.4 Special Agreement

Our platform services will be provided based on the conditions of “AS-IS”and “Available”. Our party presume relevant liability in accordance with laws but we do not presume liability to any damage because of information network equipment maintenance, linkage fault, dysfunction of computers, communication or other system, heck activity, computer virus, power failure,  strike, riot, fire disaster, flood disaster, explosion, war, action of government, orders from Judicial and administrative authorities or other third party reasons. 

Out platform services are controlled and provided through equipment in People’s Republic of China. We do not assure such services will be appropriate and feasible in other countries or regions. Any users outside of PRC’s regime shall make sure to obey local laws and regulations and we do not presume any liability to your violation.

9.Amendments of this Agreement

This Agreement can be amended or supplied at the change of national laws and regulations and the change of our platform services. The changed Agreement and the supplemental Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Amendments”) will be informed to you in the ways agreed in the Article 10 in this Agreement.

If you do not agree with the Amendments, you shall stop using our platform services the day that the Amendments go into effect. If you continue to use our platform services after the Amendments went into effect, it will be seen as you agree with the effective Amendments.


You agree we send all kinds of following announcements: 

1. the public official documents and correspondences;

2.station message, pop-up message,and clients message;

3. E-mails, phone texts and mails according to the contact information that you provided on our platform.

11. Terminal of this Agreement

11.1 Terminal Conditions

You reserve the right to terminal this Agreement in any of the following ways:

1.cancellation of your account meets the condition of cancellation of accounts published on our platform;

2.before the amendments go into effect and declaring that you do not accept amendments;

3.your declaration of not willing to continue use our platform services meets our platform rules.

Our party reserve the right to inform you in the ways mentioned in Article 10 that your services has been terminated when the following situations occur:

1.our party terminate this Agreement based on your breaching of this Agreement;

2.cancellation of your account is based on our platform rules because you transferred your account to others, you stole others account, you published forbidden contents and information, you diddled other property, you made profit in illegal methods and so on.

3.Aside from above-mentioned situations, cancellation of your account is based on the rules of our platform because you breach our platform rules for several times and the cases are severe;

4.arrangements or cancellation of your account is in accordance with this Agreement;

5.your actions of violating others legal rights and interests or other severe actions of breaking the laws and breaching the Agreements on our platform;

6. other situations require the cancellation of your account in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

11.2 Arrangements After the Termination of this Agreement

After the termination of this Agreement, our party do not reserve the right to reveal any information in your account to yourself or any pointed third party unless precisely required by laws;

After the termination of this Agreement, our party reserve the following rights to:

1. stop collecting and using your personal information but we can continue to store other contents and information that you left on our platform;

2.if you ever breached the Agreement, our party can still hold you accountable for breaching this Agreement in accordance with this Agreement

12.Application, Jurisdiction,and Others of Laws

The formation, effectiveness, explanation, amendment, supplement, termination, conduction and dispute resolutions apply to laws of People’s Republic of China. If the laws do not rule relevant stuff then apply to business practice and/or industry practice. 

If there are disputes while you are using our platform services and disputes about our platform services, negotiation between you and our party shall involved. When the negotiation fails, any party may institute proceedings in a people's court in the place where the defendant is located. 

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the remaining provisions. 

13. This Agreement is made in both Chinese and English; in the event of any divergence between the two versions, Chinese version shall prevail.

Latest Update: March 1,2016