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Privacy is very important for everyone. It is based on your trust on our party that you provide your personal information to our party and you believe that our party will be responsible for your personal information. It is for sure that your personal information can only be used to provide you better services. Therefore, FontKe Privacy Protection System is created to protect your personal information. Here is the abstract of FontKe Privacy Protection System:

1.Information Collection

Normally, you can visit our websites and access to information anonymously. Our party will explain to you why does your information is needed before we require you to provide relevant information because some of our platform services only provided to our members. In general, the registration only requires you to provide an e-mail address and some basic information such as your job and position. Sometimes our party will ask you to provide more information to  understand your needs better and provide you more customized services. The information our party collects from our sites includes name, address and telephone number. You have the right to decide not to accept any information from us at any time.

2.Privacy Protection

There are some appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide us with sensitive information, our party will take reasonable steps to protect your sensitive information and reasonable security measures will be taken to protect stored personal information. Our party will not provide any of your personal information to an unrelated third party (including company or individual) without your permission, unless required by the laws or mandatory rules of government. However, if you ask us to provide specific customer support services or send some items to you, our party need to give your name and address to the third party such as transport companies. Our website will provide links to third party websites. Since our party can not control these sites, it is recommended that you read the privacy Policy of these third party sites.

3.Privacy Principle

We highly value your privacy therefore we announce the following five principles that manage privacy information:

Principle 1

Whenever our party need to identify you or contact with you, requires will be made clearly about the needed information (that is personal information). Normally, This information will be required when you register on website, ask for special services or compete in a prize contest.

If it is possible, our party may clarify the accuracy and effectiveness of your personal information.

Principle 2

Your personal information will be used to run the website and provide services and our party and our necessary service partner will inform you all kinds of new functions and services and all kinds of products owned by our party and our affiliated company. It will be delivered to you that information of relevant but not necessary products and services provided by other company.  

Principle 3

If your information is to used on a secondary purpose, you will be inform about how to turn this services down. You can stop the mail-sending by following the statement on the material or promotion letter.

Principle 4

P0ersonal information might be published answering the request of laws or the necessity for the following items out of good willing:

1) in accordance with the laws or obey the legal procedures on our platform;

2) protection of the rights and property of our users;

3) to protect our party and our users or public security under the emergency situations.

Principle 5

Any time if you think we do not follow these principles, please send e-mail to webmaster@fontke.com to inform us. We will try our best to improve the situation in a reasonable range.

4. Cookies Usage

Sometimes Cookies will be used to inform us which websites are popular so you can enjoy a better services when you visit our websites. Cookies will not track personal information. When you register our website, Cookie will be used and store useful information to make us to identify you when you visit our website next time. Cookies from FontKe can only be read by our platform. You can still visit most of our website even if the setting of your browser is refusing Cookies.

5.Information Update

If you change your phone number or your e-mail address, you can inform our party in the way that announced on our websites to help us keep the accuracy of your information. Personal information can also updated on your personal account page.

We will continue to protect your personal information and try our best to keep all the information safe. Due to the fast changing of Internet technology, we will update our privacy protection system and all the amendments will be published on this web page.

Latest update: March 1,2016