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FontKe.com and Foxit Software's pdf365.cn reached a partnership

Date:2021-04-07 10:37:54|Browse:2437|Source:fontke

On April 7, 2021, FontKe.com reached a partnership with pdf365.cn, a subsidiary of Foxit Software (688095.SH) . FontKe.com will have the core technology of PDF embedded font extraction, font format conversion, and QR code generation. LikeFont.com will distribute the core technology of font recognition to pdf365.cn, which will enable pdf365.cn to further improve its online service products. line.

PDF embedded font extraction: https://www.pdf365.cn/extractfont/

font format conversion: https://www.pdf365.cn/convfont/

QR code generation: https://www.pdf365.cn/qrcode/

Font recognition: https://www.pdf365.cn/font-recognition/

About FontKe.com

FontKe.com is a world-renowned font sharing and downloading website, and a well-known brand in the Chinese Internet font industry. Its user base is distributed in most countries and regions around the world. FontKe.com currently has a huge font resource, through the user-friendly classification and screening function, innovative multilingual search technology, garbled correction technology and image recognition font technology, allowing users to quickly find the font they need. In the future, we will strive to become the world's leading font sharing and downloading website, with the development goal of becoming the world's most influential Internet font comprehensive service provider.

FontKe.com official website: https://www.fontke.com/

About LikeFont.com

LikeFont.com is an Internet service provider for font identification, providing online image font identification, font library brand font identification, font download, font search, and Q&A community services. LikeFont.com uses original image recognition algorithms and similarity algorithms, and applies artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, and search engine technology. Support Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other global languages.

LikeFont.com official website: https://www.likefont.com/

About PDF365

PDF365 is a high-quality online PDF conversion and editing platform owned by Foxit Software (688095.SH) . It provides a series of services for PDF document conversion such as online PDF to Word. PDF365 is mainly engaged in services related to PDF documents, adheres to independent property rights, independent brands, and market leadership, and strives to create a new image as a provider of document service architecture. To build a global operation and management culture with "happiness and responsibility" as the main theme, Foxit will continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company and assume more social responsibilities. PDF365 has always advocated high quality, which is also the pursuit of every Foxit person as always.

PDF365 official website: https://www.pdf365.cn/